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MWD Kits

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Measurement while drilling (MWD) enables the real-time measurement of a range of physical parameters in the downhole environment to guide the direction of horizontal or directional drilling in shale rock formations containing gas or oil. MWD products make drilling safer, faster and more accurate. One method of transmitting data from the drill pipe screen to the surface is through the use of mud pulse kits.

Mud pulse telemetry is the most common method of transmitting data from the drill bit to the surface. This technology incorporates the use of valves that modulate the flow of the drilling slurry contained in the bore of the mud pulse components to generate pressure pulses that are transmitted to the surface. Data from the drill bit are encoded and conveyed to the surface by changing the time interval between consecutive pressure pulses or by varying the rotation speed of the drill string.

MWD Supply kits are complete and field-ready. All of our tools are designed and engineered for ease of transport, assembly and operation. Our equipment can be custom configured to your specifications.

Our products are available on a rental or lease-to-own basis. Contact us today for the opportunity to better understand how our products and services can improve your drilling operations and to discuss your specific requirements.

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Training and Support

We repair and maintain our products so they are in drill-ready condition. We also provide comprehensive training to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to efficiently operate our equipment.

MWD Training and Support