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We are Proud to Announce our Pulser X

Patent Pending

pulser-xMWD Supply is pleased to offer you Pulser X. This is the first of its kind; an intelligent & infinitely programmable pulsing system. The Driver has memory space and transmits shock & vibe in real-time. With its compact and ruggedized design, Pulser X has 75% fewer parts than the typical pulser on the market, Pulser X will simplify the way you assemble your tool, and rebuild time is 40% shorter. With Pulser X there will be no need to purchase 2 different styles of pulser for your top mount and bottom mount application; Pulser X has the capability of being a top and bottom mount universally. Pulser X will drop into your legacy MWD fleet to improve drilling service and reduce MWD operating costs.

  • Advanced Power Supply; minimizes motor impact on battery voltage
  • Flow Sensor vibration controlled and user-configurable
  • Integrated memory logging collects a detailed view of all motor, communication, and environmental events downhole
  • High tolerance to LCM
  • Adjustable Flow Switch
  • Auto-adjusting pilot valve assembly for self-clearing of blockage downhole
  • Improved battery life
  • Integrated Gamma capability
  • Standard Gamma Module mounts directly onto the Electronics Assembly thereby reducing the number of Interconnects and length
  • Reduced MWD operating costs
  • No Ball Screw

UBHO Sub OD – 3.5″ to 9.5″
Length – 54.25″ No Gamma; 69.75″ with Gamma
Weight – 29.5lbs No Gamma; 36.5lbs with Gamma
OD Housing – 1.875″
Min Flow Rate – 35 GPM in water
Max Flow Rate – 1,100 GPM in water
Max Operating Temp – 175ᵒC (350ᵒF)
Max Hydrostatic Pressure – 20,000 PSI (137.9 Mpa)
Shock – 1,000g/0.5 MSVibration25g RMS 20-1000Hz Random
Mud Sand Content – <1% Recommended
Poppet Push Force – >100lbs
Operating Voltage – 17-40V
Nominal Current – 14 mA
Flow Sensor – Vibration()-Programmable
Shock and Vibe Sensing – Real-Time and Stored into Memory
Memory – Large Capacity of Memory Onboard
Connector – 10 Pin Kintec Standard, Customer can request other
Estimated battery Life – Avg. 400+/Hours per Pack

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