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MWD Kits

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MWD Kits & ToolsMWD Supply designs and manufactures field-ready measurement while drilling (MWD) products. We produce only the highest quality components that deliver optimum stability and performance and provide highly accurate data for directional and horizontal drilling operations. Our systems enable the drill pilot to collect and decode data while drilling is in progress.

Results are stored in measurement while drilling tools and digitally transmitted using mud pulse kits or other telemetry technology. Gamma-ray MWD kits are used to measure the natural radioactivity to characterize shale presence. A drill pipe screen slips over the drill bit in order to protect the sensitive measuring equipment and prolong its useful life.

Electronic junction kits evolved as a byproduct of the automotive and aircraft industries that also had a need for semiconductors that function at the same high temperatures encountered by drilling equipment. Our electronic junctions, a crucial part of any directional or horizontal drilling operation, are capable of delivering up to five years (40,000 hours) of reliable operation at temperatures up to 200 C.

MWD Supply field-ready kits can be customized to meet any challenging environment or application. Our products are designed for easy transport, set-up and operation.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Our kits are available for lease, rental, or on a lease-to-own basis.

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Training and Support

We repair and maintain our products so they are in drill-ready condition. We also provide comprehensive training to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to efficiently operate our equipment.

MWD Training and Support