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MWD Kits

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Lease to Own MWD KitsProgress in new high-temperature electronics is opening doors for ultra-deep drilling. This is because new materials are better suited to the high temperatures and demanding conditions encountered in horizontal and directional exploration of shale rock formations. Sophisticated electronic tools and components have enabled the introduction of new measurement while drilling (MWD) techniques in oil exploration and production.

MWD Supply designs and manufactures MWD products, including:

  • Mud pulse kits
  • Gamma ray MWD kits
  • Electronic junction MWD kits

Progress in this technology is evolving rapidly and your company could benefit from a lease to own arrangement rather than purchasing drilling equipment outright. Leasing equipmentyou’re your business can provide flexibility and preserve capital. Other advantages include:

  • Less initial capital outlay. Equipment leases rarely require a down payment. This arrangement can permit your company to obtain the equipment it needs without having a significant effect on cash flow.
  • Lease payments are usually tax deductible. This can decrease the net cost of your lease.
  • Equipment is easily upgraded. Leasing allows your company the option of addressing obsolescence. Use of a drill pipe screen, for example, can prolong the useful life of the downhole end of most kits. This part takes the most punishment and is likely to be the first component to be replaced. Leasing the equipment can allow you to upgrade easily should the technology advance during the lifetime of the lease.

Contact us to discuss your horizontal and directional drilling needs and to find the right plan for your purposes.

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Training and Support

We repair and maintain our products so they are in drill-ready condition. We also provide comprehensive training to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to efficiently operate our equipment.

MWD Training and Support