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MWD Rental: Mud Pulse Vs. Gamma Ray Telemetry Systems

MWD rental – MWD Supply

The type of MWD rental you choose will affect the data you receive from your wellbore.

Depending on your drilling conditions and needs, you may require different MWD rental equipment. Choosing the right kit for your drilling operations is essential for safety, efficiency, and productivity. Your MWD rental provides accurate data for directional and horizontal drilling that your drill pilot needs to successfully drill the wellbore. Learn more about the differences between two common types of MWD systems: mud pulse and gamma ray.

Mud Pulse MWD Rental

Mud pulse measurements allow your drill pilot to appropriately guide drilling direction. These MWD rental systems use differences in pressure to look at physical conditions in the well itself. Positive pulse MWD rental equipment restricts mud flow into the drill pipe to momentarily increase pressure and send a pulse back to the surface. By contrast, negative mud pulse systems use an opening in the drill pipe where it vents mud from the inside the pipe. This decreases pressure and sends a negative pulse to the surface for your drill pilot to analyze and interpret.

Mud pulse equipment offers many advantages for your drilling efforts and is one of the most common kits drill crews use. These kits function at deeper depths than some other MWD equipment. Additionally, they tend to cost less to operate compared to other equipment. The main drawback for these systems is that they may be more prone to damage from erosion. This is especially true for drill crews that don’t have the proper MWD training on best operating practices for mud pulse systems.

Gamma Ray MWD Equipment

Gamma ray kits are another common type of MWD equipment. These MWD rental systems use either a magnetic pulse or electrical current to detect gamma radiation from the rock your crew drills. They then send this information to the surface to help your crew steer the drill. Measuring gamma radiation allows your drill pilot to discern depth, spacing, and sequence, all vital measurements needed for well drilling.

Gamma ray MWD kits are highly reliable, which make them great for many different applications. They also have fewer moving parts and don’t restrict the drill string, which means they are less prone to damage. However, gamma ray MWD rental equipment does come with some disadvantages. First, they tend to be a little more expensive to run compared to mud pulse systems. Additionally, gamma ray kits also have depth limitations, making them great for onshore, shallow wells.

Once you’ve chosen the right MWD kit for your needs, MWD Supply provides technologically advanced and field-ready equipment for efficient well drilling efforts. Each kit we supply offers customizable options so you can configure your tools to your exact specifications. Additionally, we offer comprehensive MWD training and MWD technical support to help your drill crew work more effectively. Call us today at (281) 664-0196 to learn more and request a quote. We are here to serve you.

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