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Drill Pipe Screens for Your MWD Rental

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You can help improve your drilling operations and protect your MWD rental equipment with drill pipe screens.

To adequately protect your MWD rental, outfit your drill pipe with a screen. This will prevent solids from breaking the sensitive MWD equipment and keep your MWD rental in good condition. This article will discuss the importance of drill pipe screens, what to consider when choosing a screen, and the advantages and disadvantages of two common types of MWD drill pipe screens

The Importance of Drill Screens for Your MWD Rental

Part of your MWD training program involves how to properly protect your equipment from unnecessary wear and tear and breakage. It’s well established that solid control is vital for MWD drilling operations. In fact, it makes drilling more efficient. Proper solid control can reduce waste generation, torque, drag, pipe sticking, and sloughing. Additionally, it can improve your drill penetration, your drilling costs, and decrease the risk of wellbore instability. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to protect your MWD rental from abrasive solids.

Drill pipe screens help protect your sensitive equipment from solids. While some drill operations prefer to use blank pipes because they are less expensive, drill pipe screens tend to yield better results. Blank pipes can make it harder to consolidate gravel. Therefore, you may want to invest in a drill pipe screen to adequately protect your MWD rental.

Selecting a Drill Screen for Your MWD Rental

When deciding on a pipe screen for your drilling operations, it may be difficult to decide on which one will be best. The two major elements you should consider regarding your pipe screen are material grain size and fluid rate. Which type of drill pipe screen you choose will depend on these factors. Of course, if you ever need assistance, our MWD technical support team can help you decide which pipe screen is best for you.

Slotted Drill Pipe Screens

Slotted screens are typically used in horizontal drilling with larger grain materials. They are great for low fluid rate operations, as they usually have a maximum handling capacity of 300 gallons per minute. However, keep in mind that these screens may be more prone to clogging. In addition, they may also be more susceptible to collapse. To reduce the risk of collapse, choose an MWD drill pipe screen with more slots.

Rod Pipe Screens

By contrast, rod drill pipe screens allow for greater open surface area than slotted screens. Also known as cage screens, these drill pipe screens are generally used in shallow operations of less than 1,000 feet. They also typically have a maximum handling capacity of 800 gallons per minute, making them a better option for wells with high fluid rates.

Therefore, to accurately protect your MWD rental equipment, it’s important to consider solid control. A drill pipe screen can shield your MWD equipment from harm. If you ever have any questions regarding your equipment, MWD technical support can help you determine the best course of action. Whether you need assistance choosing a pipe screen or are experiencing problems, your technical support is a great resource for all things related to your MWD rental.

At MWD Supply, we offer rent, lease, and purchase options for our MWD kits. Additionally, we offer the highest quality training, service, and technical support to assist your drilling operations. As a premier horizontal and directional drilling equipment supplier, we offer our customers the best, most advanced drilling technology. Our team provides the right solutions for your company and ongoing needs. Call us today at (281) 664-0196 to learn more about our products and services or to request a quote. At MWD Supply, we are here to serve you now and in the future.

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