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How MWD Technologies and Remote Operations Are Changing the Oil Industry

MWD TrainingMeasurement-while drilling (MWD) technologies have had a real impact on the ability of oil companies to achieve greater productivity and profitability in the industry. In recent years, some oil and gas drilling companies have begun to rely on remote MWD operators who work in operations centers and perform directional drilling from these locations. Chevron, for example, announced recently that approximately 95 percent of its directional drilling rigs in the Permian Basin are being operated from a remote operations center located in Houston. Advanced MWD training is required to manage these operations, which have provided significant benefits for Chevron and other companies in this industry.

Benefits of Remote MWD Operations

One of the most important benefits of centralized remote operations like those implemented by Chevron is the ability of operators and directional drillers to cooperate and to share the insights they have achieved through their MWD training. By allowing a team approach to the directional drilling activities, operators in these facilities are able to share their expertise and to work as a group to control an entire lineup of rigs rather than focusing on just one rig for one operator.

Centralizing directional drilling activities also deliver more consistent and reliable results for companies that implement these strategies. By allowing directional drillers and geo-steering professionals to work more closely, these collaborative arrangements reduce unexpected consequences that could sometimes occur when decisions were without understanding how those decisions would impact the other. By putting these two groups in close proximity, companies enjoy the benefits of easier communication and improved cooperation in the working environment.

Automated Drilling Processes Make It Possible

Automated directional software guidance systems are used to control the rigs in the field. Hess began implementing these technologies in 2017 and currently uses remote software controls to manage Bakken shale oil drilling in North Dakota from its operations center in Houston. Hess can manage six rigs from its system. Both Hess and Chevron have also implemented rovers that remain in the field and provide on-the-fly corrections and troubleshooting services that are not practical on a remote basis. This ensures fast solutions for issues that develop with remotely controlled drilling operations.

At MWD Supply, we offer MWD kits and MWD rental options designed to suit your company’s needs in the oil and gas industries. Our MWD training options will help you to make the most practical choices when drilling in the Permian or in any other area in which directional drilling and MWD strategies are used to promote the highest productivity. Call our team today at 281-664-0196 to get a quote for training or to request more information about our MWD kits. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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