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MWD Training for Extreme Environment Drilling

Drilling in extreme environments requires the right MWD training. Your MWD tools help you identify risks and take steps to mitigate hazards. Therefore, ensure your crew has the MWD training to properly use the data from your drilling tools to do so. Some common conditions in extreme environment drilling include high pressure, high temperature, and […]

Finding Sweet Spots with Your MWD Rental

One great way to increase your drilling efficiency is using your MWD rental to find and drill in reservoir sweet spots. Sweet spots are areas where your well will give you the best possible production for a reservoir. Using your MWD rental equipment to identify these areas helps your crew drill smarter, increase productivity, and […]

MWD Rental: Mud Pulse Vs. Gamma Ray Telemetry Systems

Depending on your drilling conditions and needs, you may require different MWD rental equipment. Choosing the right kit for your drilling operations is essential for safety, efficiency, and productivity. Your MWD rental provides accurate data for directional and horizontal drilling that your drill pilot needs to successfully drill the wellbore. Learn more about the differences between […]

MWD Training Helps Prevent Blowouts in Your Oil Well

MWD training helps oil extraction efforts in many ways. Oftentimes, the right training and MWD technical support can increase efficiency. However, MWD training can also help your crew take the necessary steps to prevent blowouts. Proper use and MWD readings can help your personnel make quicker decisions that could make a difference when there’s a […]

How Your MWD Rental Helps with Geosteering

It can be tempting to go with a less modern MWD rental for your drilling operations to save costs. However, MWD kits are essential for proper geosteering. Geosteering is an important and delicate process that can help you get more out of your wells, decrease drilling costs, and improve safety on your oil rigs. Therefore, […]

MWD Training Leads to More Productive Wells

Directional drilling decreases well cost per barrel of oil. Therefore, it’s becoming increasingly important to use directional drilling practices for oil extraction. Directional drilling requires specialized equipment, and training. Therefore, invest in MWD training for your drillers and crew for the best outcomes. A well-trained crew is more efficient and can predict problems before they arise. […]

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Training and Support

We repair and maintain our products so they are in drill-ready condition. We also provide comprehensive training to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to efficiently operate our equipment.

MWD Training and Support