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Why Use Your MWD Rental for Horizontal Well Drilling?

MWD rental equipment can help drilling contractors drill horizontal wells while saving on upfront costs. Horizontal wells offer many benefits compared to their vertical counterparts, but they do come at a higher initial price. Renting your measurement-while-drilling equipment can help save you money while taking advantage of the most innovative tools for directional drilling.  MWD […]

MWD Training: Pros & Cons of Types of Telemetry

Choosing the right equipment can make a world of difference for your operations, improving well delivery and costs. The type of telemetry you choose is vital for efficient drilling. That’s why your crew needs MWD training to understand the pros and cons of each telemetry type so they can understand when to use which type […]

MWD Kits for Geothermal Drilling

The market for geothermal energy is growing and will likely continue to increase. Geothermal drilling presents many challenges, so it’s important to choose the right MWD kits for the job.  Measurement-While-Drilling & Drilling Geothermal Wells Geothermal drilling is unlike oil drilling in many different ways. For example, geothermal wells usually have the following conditions: High […]

MWD Training: The Need for Anti-Vibration Components

Does your crew have the MWD training they need to identify and prevent drillstring vibrations? Vibration in the drillstring can cause many issues for your operations, including premature component failure, bit wear and breakage, and even wellbore instability. To protect your crew’s safety and your operation profitability, you need to reduce and control vibrations.  MWD […]

Use your MWD Rental for Collision Avoidance

Well collisions are potentially dangerous to both your crew and to the environment, which is why it’s vital to use your MWD rental to avoid wellbore collisions. A wellbore collision occurs when your well path collides with an existing wellbore. With increasingly congested fields, downhole collisions are becoming more and more of a concern. While […]

MWD Training: Oil Drill Torque & Drag

MWD training is an important part of safe, productive wells. Our team provides training for drill crews and drill operators to help reduce the risk of catastrophic oil well events, improve safety, and also help keep your wells productive. Torque and drag (T&D) are common issues in horizontal drilling and extended reach drilling. Therefore, your […]

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Training and Support

We repair and maintain our products so they are in drill-ready condition. We also provide comprehensive training to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to efficiently operate our equipment.

MWD Training and Support