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Egypt Acts to Attract Additional Oil and Gas Investments

February 21, 2019adminNews

Egypt may soon be the new hot spot for energy investment thanks to some significant changes to the oil and gas contract process in this Middle Eastern nation. By offering added incentives for foreign investors, Egypt hopes to increase its gas output and profitability. The discovery of the Zohr gas field has created considerable buzz […]

Key Benefits of Directional Drilling

Directional drilling provides new angles of attack for oil reserves in our area. This advanced technique requires the right MWD technical support and training to ensure the best possible results and the highest profitability for oil wells in our area. There are many benefits of directional and horizontal drilling in the energy industry. What Is […]

End of Fracking Holiday Signals a Permian Basin Boom

December 19, 2018adminNews, Permian Basin

The recent slowdown in oil production in the Permian Basin, commonly referred to as the frack holiday, may soon be coming to an end. Many of the major players in this area have indicated that they will soon be increasing their activities and taking on new crew members to ramp up their production during the […]

The History of MWD Technology 

Measurement while drilling, more commonly referred to as MWD, is an integral part of the oil extraction process and offers significant benefits for companies in our area. A relatively small investment in MWD training can potentially pay off in improved performance and reduced downtime for your drilling operations. The technologies used in MWD have been […]

Deteriorating and Inadequate Roads Present Issues for Permian Basin Residents and Oil Industry

October 16, 2018adminPermian Basin

Lack of infrastructure may be hampering growth and expansion in the Permian Basin. Traffic jams and backups on roads leading to and from oilfields have delayed production and continue to present difficulties for operations in this oil-rich area. Along with obtaining the right MWD technical support for drilling in the Permian, transportation issues are a […]

The Global Future of Hydraulic Fracking

Advances in drilling technologies have made it possible to extract oil and gas from locations once thought played out or depleted. Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly referred to as fracking, has allowed energy companies to access oil reserves inside shale deposits to expand their opportunities in the state of Texas and other areas of the United […]

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