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How MWD Technologies and Remote Operations Are Changing the Oil Industry

MWD TrainingMeasurement-while drilling (MWD) technologies have had a real impact on the ability of oil companies to achieve greater productivity and profitability in the industry. In recent years, some oil and gas drilling companies have begun to rely on remote MWD operators who work in operations centers and perform directional drilling from these locations. Chevron, for example, announced recently that approximately 95 percent of its directional drilling rigs in the Permian Basin are being operated from a remote operations center located in Houston. Advanced MWD training is required to manage these operations, which have provided significant benefits for Chevron and other companies in this industry.

Benefits of Remote MWD Operations

One of the most important benefits of centralized remote operations like those implemented by Chevron is the ability of operators and directional drillers to cooperate and to share the insights they have achieved through their MWD training. By allowing a team approach to the directional drilling activities, operators in these facilities are able to share their expertise and to work as a group to control an entire lineup of rigs rather than focusing on just one rig for one operator.

Centralizing directional drilling activities also deliver more consistent and reliable results for companies that implement these strategies. By allowing directional drillers and geo-steering professionals to work more closely, these collaborative arrangements reduce unexpected consequences that could sometimes occur when decisions were without understanding how those decisions would impact the other. By putting these two groups in close proximity, companies enjoy the benefits of easier communication and improved cooperation in the working environment.

Automated Drilling Processes Make It Possible

Automated directional software guidance systems are used to control the rigs in the field. Hess began implementing these technologies in 2017 and currently uses remote software controls to manage Bakken shale oil drilling in North Dakota from its operations center in Houston. Hess can manage six rigs from its system. Both Hess and Chevron have also implemented rovers that remain in the field and provide on-the-fly corrections and troubleshooting services that are not practical on a remote basis. This ensures fast solutions for issues that develop with remotely controlled drilling operations.

At MWD Supply, we offer MWD kits and MWD rental options designed to suit your company’s needs in the oil and gas industries. Our MWD training options will help you to make the most practical choices when drilling in the Permian or in any other area in which directional drilling and MWD strategies are used to promote the highest productivity. Call our team today at 281-664-0196 to get a quote for training or to request more information about our MWD kits. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

EPA Announces Proposal to Eliminate Methane Regulations for Oil and Gas Industry

September 20, 2019adminNews

MWD RentalOil and gas companies may be subject to looser regulations in the near future thanks to proposed changes to rules governing methane gas releases at drilling sites. This will likely have an effect on MWD rental companies and other associated businesses throughout the oil and gas industry. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had already begun exploring the possibility of rolling back some of the regulations put in place during the Obama administration. The new proposal would eliminate the requirement for drilling teams to monitor and stop methane leaks altogether.

EPA Cites “Unnecessary and Duplicative Regulatory Burdens”

In a statement by Andrew Wheeler, the administrator of EPA, he cited progress already made by the natural gas industry. According to Wheeler, natural gas production has nearly doubled since 1990 while methane emissions have been reduced by almost 15 percent. This represents the effects of newer technologies that have made it easier to recapture methane at the point of drilling efforts. Along with MWD training and methods, these strategies are one of the major innovations in the oil drilling industry. By recapturing methane, companies can typically create a new revenue stream while reducing the emissions associated with their operations.

Smaller Businesses Hardest Hit by Current Methane Regulations

While most larger drilling operations have already put in place the equipment and procedures necessary to reduce their methane emissions, smaller drilling companies may have had difficulties in raising the funds and acquiring the expertise needed to comply with methane release regulations. As a result, smaller oil and gas companies are among the biggest supporters of the proposed relaxing of rules and oversight for methane releases on oil drilling sites. Larger oil companies, however, have had mixed responses to the proposed changes in EPA regulations.

Developments in Technology Also Having Impact

Along with the proposed loosening of methane regulations, other factors will play an important role in determining the profitability and viability of companies. MWD rental companies offer a variety of types of MWD technical support and training to help your business make the most practical use of these newer technologies. This will typically allow you to drill more efficiently and with greater productivity in all your ongoing efforts.

MWD Supply offers the MWD rental and purchase options your company needs to perform at optimal efficiency during all your drilling activities. We will work with you to determine the most cost-effective and practical options for your company. If you need the right support and training, MWD Supply offers a range of customizable options just right for your needs. Call us today at 281-664-0196 to get a quote or to discuss your requirements with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


The Value of MWD Training

MWD TrainingMeasurement-while-drilling (MWD) training techniques are vital to the modern oil and gas industry. This process makes it possible to achieve the best results during traditional drilling operations or when extracting oil from shale deposits. MWD training is essential to ensure that your crew knows how to use this advanced equipment in the right way. Working with an established MWD rental company will provide you with the training and expertise you need to remain competitive in the industry.

The Basics of MWD Training

Companies that offer MWD training methods typically use a basic format for their curriculum. The training process usually includes the following steps:

  • An overview of the tools and equipment used for MWD processes
  • A thorough grounding in the principles of MWD and the ways in which it can be used in the field
  • The exploration of surface sensors and the role they play during MWD
  • Study of the applications used to control drill position and to decipher the data delivered by the instruments used in MWD processing
  • Interpretation of data that is received from MWD equipment, including temperature, pressure, inclination, azimuth and other vital information
  • Hands-on experience with drilling equipment and MWD tools that will provide your team with added confidence in real-world applications

The course will typically be tailored to the specific needs of your company and your team members. It may include classroom instruction as well as demonstrations of the equipment in the field to promote fast learning and the best outcomes for your educational project.

Putting Your MWD Equipment to Work

Once your MWD training program is complete, it is time to begin the implementation process on your drill sites. An MWD technical support company will allow your team to ask for help when they need it. Your local MWD company has the experience to provide your team with the guidance they need to make the most effective use of their new equipment. This can result in greater productivity for your drilling site and increased value for your entire operation.

At MWD Supply, we offer MWD kits for sale or rental as well as the training your team needs to put these tools to the best use in the field. Our team will work with you throughout the process to ensure that you receive the right solutions for your needs and your staff. Give us a call today at 281-664-0196 to get a quote or to ask about our lineup of products and services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Rising Oil Prices Result from Oil Rig Evacuations Caused by Tropical Storm Barry

July 15, 2019adminNews

Tropical Storm Barry has already had a big effect on the oil industry in the Gulf Coast area. Movable rigs have been relocated and at least 15 production platforms and four drilling rigs were evacuated on July 10, 2019, in preparation for this major storm. While the storm may not have totally lived up to initial predictions, it could still cause serious delays for companies in the oil and gas industry. For these companies, working with an MWD rental company could be a solid step toward getting back on track after the worst of the storm is over.

Shutdowns in the Path of the Storm

About a third of the oil production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico have been shut down to protect workers and equipment in the path of Tropical Storm Barry. This has produced increases in oil prices because of concerns about the damage the storm could cause and the break-in production already taking place in the Gulf Coast. By shutting down their production during the storm as a protective measure, these facilities have already generated a 4.5 percent increase in the price of MWD Rentaloil per barrel. Gasoline futures have also risen higher by about 4 percent, which may have an impact on the price paid at the pump by consumers in the near future.

Another Challenge for the Oil Industry

The U.S. oil and gas industries have been taking on a number of challenges in recent years, including the effective and efficient extraction of oil from shale deposits. MWD kits and processes are of critical importance to this process and allow drill operators to access information on the geological formations, direction, and speed of drilling and other factors that can have a significant impact on the profitability and productivity of drilling efforts. By implementing measurement-while-drilling equipment and processes, companies can make the most of available time and resources when drilling for oil in our area.

The Benefits of Working With MWD Supply

At MWD Supply, we offer MWD rental kits and kits for purchase to help your company achieve the greatest productivity in the oil and gas industry. We have the experience and the expertise needed to provide you with expert MWD training that can boost your productivity and promote the highest profitability for your drilling operations. Our team will work with you to provide the right solutions for your company and your ongoing MWD needs. To learn more about our MWD rental services and sales options, call MWD Supply today at 281-664-0196. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

US Oil Rig Count Still Dropping, Oil Production Stays Strong

MWD TrainingAccording to recent figures released by Baker Hughes, the total number of active oil and gas rigs dropped by 11 during the week of June 7, 2019, falling to 789. This represents the lowest recorded figure since February 2019. Oil production has yet to fall significantly despite this reduction of drilling equipment. MWD training efforts and other advances in drilling techniques may contribute to the profitability of the oil and gas industry despite the reduction in oil and gas rigs in our region.

Oil Production Still Strong

Most analysts note that despite fewer active oil and gas rigs in the fields, the oil production for the U.S. and Canada continues to make a strong showing. Projections indicate a reduced demand for oil in the upcoming year thanks to issues related to the trade disputes between the U.S. and other countries. This could drive prices lower, which would likely increase demand once again for oil and gas products. As an oil and gas company, keeping a close eye on market trends is the key to continued success in this volatile industry.

Modern Technologies Necessary for Continued Growth

Measurement-while-drilling (MWD) is a technique that allows operators to determine the rate, geological conditions, and precise direction of drilling in real-time. This information will help your crew to achieve higher productivity and reduce the risk of damage to equipment. MWD technical support and training is required to ensure the best results from your drilling operations.

The Need for Comprehensive MWD Training

Making sure your crew members have the necessary MWD equipment training and strategies is essential to your ongoing success in the industry. MWD methods are becoming more popular because they offer advantages during extraction among various locations. The right training can go a long way toward ensuring the best results and remaining competitive in the market.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at MWD Supply can provide you with MWD training solutions to boost productivity in the drilling environment. By investing in MWD rental kits, technical support, and training, your company will be able to achieve higher productivity and profitability. Call us today at 281-664-0196 to request a catalog or to get a quote from our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Global Discoveries by Oil Majors on the Rise

May 21, 2019adminNews

MWD KitsThe big oil companies are making their mark on the oil and gas industry this year with significant discoveries of new oil reserves and resources. The right MWD technical support is necessary to make the most effective use of these new resources. Keeping a close eye on these developments can help you to achieve the highest profits for your oil and gas business in the industry.

Big Oil Once Again on the Rise

ExxonMobil was the big winner of the oil exploration race this year, making three big discoveries and accounting for more than 38 percent of the newly discovered deposits. These reserves were discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean, off the shore of Guyana and Cyprus. Total, a Paris-based company, struck oil with its Brulpadda find just off the coast of South Africa, which could hold more than 1 billion barrels of oil. CNOOC, a Chinese oil company, partnered with Total in the North Sea. They discovered approximately 250 million barrels of oil in this offshore area. Another major find went to Repsol, which included about two trillion cubic feet of petroleum reserves in the South Sumatran seas of Indonesia.

Making the Most of Available Resources

Experts advise that if the current rate of discovery continues, 2019 will come in at least 30 percent higher in discovered resources than 2018. MWD training and technical support is critical to ensure that oil companies extract the maximum amount of petroleum from reserves. MWD technologies allow precise positioning of drill equipment and can report back all relevant data to allow operators to manage these activities efficiently.

Preparing Your Team to Succeed

Your drilling crew needs the right tools and training to implement MWD in the best way. Working with a company that offers MWD technical support will provide added resources and information for your drilling site. Companies that rent or sell MWD kits are often good sources of information and support for your drilling team throughout operations.

At MWD Supply, we offer the MWD rental and purchase options to achieve maximum productivity in the oil industry. We can also provide MWD technical support and training to help your crew perform to the highest standards. Give us a call today at 281-664-0196 to get a quote or to request more information. The team at MWD Supply will be happy to work with you.

Chevron Set to Acquire Anadarko Petroleum Company

April 22, 2019adminNews

MWD TrainingRecent news that Chevron is planning to purchase Anadarko Petroleum Company has attracted attention throughout the Texas oil and gas industry. This acquisition makes sense for the company for a number of key reasons, one being the geographical location of the Anadarko drilling fields. Another point of interest includes Anadarko’s stake in Western Midstream Partners, which provides transport and storage services to the oil and gas industry. By ensuring that their combined staff has the right MWD training and skills, Chevron and Anadarko can further consolidate their dominance in the Permian Basin.

Paying a Premium Price

According to announcements by the company, Chevron paid $65 per share for Anadarko for a purchase price of $33 billion. Chevron also took on $17 billion in outstanding debt, which adds up to a total cost for the acquisition of $50 billion. This amounts to a significant outlay for the company and is the sixth-largest such deal in the history of the oil and gas industry. The right MWD training will provide added fuel for the success of this major investment in its future production.

Connecting the Dots

The Anadarko acquisition will allow Chevron to connect its oil holdings in the Permian Basin to allow for more flexibility and increased extraction options. The combined fields will create a 75 miles wide corridor in the Permian Basin that will allow for longer lateral drilling. The right MWD technical support will ensure that these operations run smoothly and gain production for the expanded Chevron territories.

Increasing Midstream Position

Until its deal with Anadarko, Chevron had little or no position in the midstream sector. This part of the oil and gas industry deals with storage and transportation of oil and gas. Acquiring Anadarko gave Chevron a controlling interest and a 55 percent stake in Western Midstream Partners. This is a major force in midstream activities, including treating and transporting natural gas and oil products and water disposal used in the hydraulic fracturing process.

The experts at MWD Supply can provide you with the MWD training and technical support you need to achieve the greatest productivity in the field. We offer MWD rental services designed specifically to suit your needs and provide advanced solutions for drilling activities. Our team will work with you to determine the right options for your operations. Call us today at 281-664-0196 to request a catalog or a quote from our company. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Oil Prices on the Rise After Saudi Announcement

MWD Technical SupportA recent move by Saudi Arabia to cut oil production has already triggered higher prices for crude oil in the U.S. In an effort to boost prices, Saudi Arabia has promised to reduce its output of oil even more than required by OPEC. Saudi Arabia oil industry representatives have announced to whatever it takes to keep oil prices at profitable levels. For companies in the U.S., investing in MWD technical support and tools provides assistance in achieving higher productivity and increased profits for operations.

Managing Oil Supply and Demand

The latest move by Saudi Arabia is intended to counter the growth of the oil industry in the U.S. and Canada. This has increased the amount of oil available to a significant degree. Recent power failures have happened in Venezuela. This has also negatively impacted oil company’s production and refining of oil in that part of the world. Saudi Arabia’s announcement about their curtailing of production is unlikely to generate similar actions of Texas oil companies.

The Benefits of Modern Technologies

Investing in MWD rental kits can help increase productivity on your drilling sites. MWD technologies make it easier to identify geologic barriers and adjust the angle of approach for drilling. This can prevent damage to your drilling equipment and unwanted downtime that could reduce your overall production of oil.

How MWD Training Can Help

By training your crew members to use MWD tools effectively, you will promote fast and accurate identification of oil reserves and pockets. Your MWD system will deliver comprehensive information on the conditions of your drill and maximum production strategies. Incorporating MWD technical support and tools into your daily workflows boosts your ability to react quickly to changing conditions.

At MWD Supply, we offer MWD kits that can increase the accuracy, productivity, and profitability of your operations. We can also provide expert MWD training for your team members. If you are interested in the latest technologies in the oil industry, give our team a call today at 281-664-0196. Get a quote or discuss your needs with our MWD technical support experts. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

Egypt Acts to Attract Additional Oil and Gas Investments

February 21, 2019adminNews

MWD TrainingEgypt may soon be the new hot spot for energy investment thanks to some significant changes to the oil and gas contract process in this Middle Eastern nation. By offering added incentives for foreign investors, Egypt hopes to increase its gas output and profitability. The discovery of the Zohr gas field has created considerable buzz regarding the opportunities available in Egypt. For those looking to explore undeveloped resources in this part of the world, MWD training and equipment are essential tools to ensure the greatest return on investment.

Incentives for New Exploration Efforts

The oil minister of Egypt, Tarek El-Molla, announced the new contract and incentives to present the country as open for business to foreign investors. Currently, the domestic gas production in Egypt is estimated at 6.6 billion cubic feet each day. Egypt hopes to establish itself as a gas exporting center by boosting production and modernizing terms for exploration and drilling.

Fundamental Changes to Egypt’s Energy Policies

Before these changes, investors were entitled only to one-third of the project’s profits. The Egypt government was legally entitled to purchase all of the production of the company at a preset price. These limitations made it difficult for Egypt to attract new investors. Widespread fuel shortages have also caused difficulties for Egyptian oil and gas production.  Oil production was largely mitigated by the 2015 discovery of the Zohr oil field.

Advanced Technologies Increase Production

MWD kits are a vital element in the modern oil exploration industry. By implementing these technologies, companies in Egypt and here in the U.S. can ensure effective drilling operations. MWD technologies are designed to allow adjustments to geological conditions and physical parameters to boost oil and gas production and ensure profitability.

At MWD Supply, we offer comprehensive MWD technical support and supplies to help your company achieve better productivity and profitability in the energy industry. We work with companies to provide MWD training, support, and other options for our customers. Call us today at 281-664-0196 to request a catalog or to get a quote for MWD training, kits or other MWD services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Key Benefits of Directional Drilling

Directional drilling provides new angles of attack for oil reserves in our area. This advanced technique requires the right MWD technical support and training to ensure the best possible results and the highest profitability for oil wells in our area. There are many benefits of directional and horizontal drilling in the energy industry.

What Is Directional Drilling?

Traditional drilling operations focus on vertical drilling, which entails drilling straight downward to oil reserves. Directional or horizontal drilling usually involves drilling at an angle or moving at an angle after an initial vertical shaft has been created. This promotes greater access to hard-to-reach deposits and increases the potential production from these drilling sites.

MWD Technical Support and Technologies Make Directional Drilling Practical

Measurement-while-drilling makes directional drilling easier and more accurate. MWD strategies allow for adjustments to be made during drilling and allows you to account for geological conditions and other issues that could have an impact on your drilling operation. Because information on drilling conditions is available almost immediately, your crew achieves much greater control over every stage of the drilling process. 

Directional Drilling Boosts Production

One of the most important advantages of directional and horizontal drilling is the ability to access otherwise blocked deposits of oil. Rock formations or man-made structures prevent vertical drilling in some areas. Taking a horizontal or directional approach to drilling allows your team to reach these deposits and to boost your overall production in a particular site. This helps you achieve the highest degree of profitability for your ongoing oil extraction and production activities.

Directional Drilling Provides Access to Fractured Reservoirs

Naturally or mechanically fractured reservoirs pose unique challenges for your drilling company. Angled and horizontal drilling often allows you to span several fractures at once to make your pumping and extraction efforts more efficient. This boosts the overall productivity of your drilling operations and helps you to achieve a higher degree of productivity and profitability in the modern energy extraction marketplace.

At MWD Supply, we offer a comprehensive lineup of MWD rental kits, lease-to-own MWD equipment and kits for purchase. We also provide MWD training services designed with your company’s needs in mind. Our team provides you with the right solutions for managing all your oil drilling requirements in the most cost-effective and practical ways. If you need the latest and most advanced options for your drilling operations, call MWD Supply today at 281-664-0196. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with MWD technical support and other solutions now and in the future.

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