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MWD Training Helps Prevent Blowouts in Your Oil Well

MWD Training – MWD Supply

MWD training can help prevent oil well blowouts, which can quickly turn into explosions.

MWD training helps oil extraction efforts in many ways. Oftentimes, the right training and MWD technical support can increase efficiency. However, MWD training can also help your crew take the necessary steps to prevent blowouts. Proper use and MWD readings can help your personnel make quicker decisions that could make a difference when there’s a risk of blowout.

What is a Blowout?

Oil well blowouts occur when high pressure causes crude oil to spew out of a well uncontrollably. Picture almost any television or movie depiction of an oil well and you probably know what a blowout is. Oftentimes they look like oil geysers in these representations. Blowouts can be very dangerous, as they can contaminate the surrounding area and even lead to explosions from accidentally encountering a flame or spark. However, blowouts are rarer than they used to be due to technological advancements. One of these advancements is MWD equipment.

Kicks are generally a precursor to blowouts, which is where oil starts to penetrate the wellbore or the drill. Part of preventing oil well blowouts is recognizing kicks early. This means using state-of-the-art equipment and reading MWD data correctly. With the right MWD training, you can help your crew reduce the risk of blowouts.

How MWD Training Helps Your Crew Prevent Blowouts

MWD data can help your crew identify kicks before they become blowouts. With MWD training on reading the resistivity data can help your crew predict pressure concerns and take appropriate actions. Additionally, kick detection also requires monitoring of bottomhole pressure, temperature and flow. However, even experienced oil crews may lack the knowledge needed to do this effectively. As MWD equipment progresses, procedures and quickly become outdated. Therefore, invest in MWD training for your crew to ensure they know how to work your specific kit or MWD rental. This can help prevent costly and dangerous conditions, such as kicks and blowouts.

At MWD Supply, we offer you innovative MWD solutions. We don’t just provide you with the equipment, we give you the tools you need to expertly operate our measurement-while-drilling kits and analyze the data you collect. Therefore, our teams can provide your crew with comprehensive MWD training and MWD technical support to assist your operations. Additionally, as the leading MWD supplier, we offer you options to customize your equipment specifically for your requirements. Call us today at (281) 664-0196 to learn more about our kits, products, and services. We are here to serve you!

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