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EPA Announces Proposal to Eliminate Methane Regulations for Oil and Gas Industry

September 20, 2019adminNews

MWD RentalOil and gas companies may be subject to looser regulations in the near future thanks to proposed changes to rules governing methane gas releases at drilling sites. This will likely have an effect on MWD rental companies and other associated businesses throughout the oil and gas industry. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had already begun exploring the possibility of rolling back some of the regulations put in place during the Obama administration. The new proposal would eliminate the requirement for drilling teams to monitor and stop methane leaks altogether.

EPA Cites “Unnecessary and Duplicative Regulatory Burdens”

In a statement by Andrew Wheeler, the administrator of EPA, he cited progress already made by the natural gas industry. According to Wheeler, natural gas production has nearly doubled since 1990 while methane emissions have been reduced by almost 15 percent. This represents the effects of newer technologies that have made it easier to recapture methane at the point of drilling efforts. Along with MWD training and methods, these strategies are one of the major innovations in the oil drilling industry. By recapturing methane, companies can typically create a new revenue stream while reducing the emissions associated with their operations.

Smaller Businesses Hardest Hit by Current Methane Regulations

While most larger drilling operations have already put in place the equipment and procedures necessary to reduce their methane emissions, smaller drilling companies may have had difficulties in raising the funds and acquiring the expertise needed to comply with methane release regulations. As a result, smaller oil and gas companies are among the biggest supporters of the proposed relaxing of rules and oversight for methane releases on oil drilling sites. Larger oil companies, however, have had mixed responses to the proposed changes in EPA regulations.

Developments in Technology Also Having Impact

Along with the proposed loosening of methane regulations, other factors will play an important role in determining the profitability and viability of companies. MWD rental companies offer a variety of types of MWD technical support and training to help your business make the most practical use of these newer technologies. This will typically allow you to drill more efficiently and with greater productivity in all your ongoing efforts.

MWD Supply offers the MWD rental and purchase options your company needs to perform at optimal efficiency during all your drilling activities. We will work with you to determine the most cost-effective and practical options for your company. If you need the right support and training, MWD Supply offers a range of customizable options just right for your needs. Call us today at 281-664-0196 to get a quote or to discuss your requirements with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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