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End of Fracking Holiday Signals a Permian Basin Boom

December 19, 2018adminNews, Permian Basin

The recent slowdown in oil production in the Permian Basin, commonly referred to as the frack holiday, may soon be coming to an end. Many of the major players in this area have indicated that they will soon be increasing their activities and taking on new crew members to ramp up their production during the new year. Measuring-while-drilling technologies will once again play a major role in enhancing production for oil companies in this area. Investing in MWD training for new workers will likely be an important consideration for companies involved in this process. Many factors could affect MWD Kitsthe end of the frack holiday and the increased production of oil in the Permian Basin.

Lack of Qualified Workers

The frack holiday put many oil production workers out of work. While this slowdown was always intended to be a temporary measure, many of these skilled workers have found employment outside the oil industry and will not be available to return when production levels go back to their previous levels. Arranging for MWD technical support and MWD training for newcomers to the industry can ensure the smoothest transition during this increase in production. The information and guidance available from an established MWD training company can ensure the fastest learning curve and the most practical help for oil companies involved in the Permian Basin resurgence. This can allow companies to work smarter in the new year.

Upgrades to Pipelines

One of the most important factors in the frack holiday was a scarcity of pipeline space to handle the volume of oil coming out of the Permian. With three major pipelines scheduled to come online in the next year, however, the ability of oil companies to transport their oil supplies will increase to a considerable degree, streamlining the process of bringing oil from wells to the refinery.

Wells Already Drilled Will Drive Production

Many of the wells expected to come online in 2019 have already been drilled and are awaiting fracking when the pipelines and workers are in place to manage these processes. According to experts in the industry, more than 3,700 wells were drilled in 2018 and are currently ready to undergo fracking. This represents a 50 percent increase over the previous year and may trigger a steep rise in oil production in 2019.

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