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The History of MWD Technology 

MWD Supply | Rent MWD kitsMeasurement while drilling, more commonly referred to as MWD, is an integral part of the oil extraction process and offers significant benefits for companies in our area. A relatively small investment in MWD training can potentially pay off in improved performance and reduced downtime for your drilling operations. The technologies used in MWD have been developed over many years and have their roots in the geological research performed in the early part of the 20th century.

A New Way of Measuring Geological Formations

Conrad Schlumberger is usually credited with creating the first geological map of equipotential curves in 1912. These equipotential lines can provide information on the electric potential or voltage of various geological formations, allowing for the identification of metal compounds underground. The ability to scan the ground to determine the makeup of materials under the top layer of soil made a huge difference in the ability of geologists to contribute to mining and drilling operations.

The Rise of Wireline Logging

Wireline logging, also known as borehole logging or well logging, is a complex process that involves drilling a borehole into the geological formation to be studied. Measuring and detecting equipment are then used to determine the structure and makeup of the layers of soil, rock, and other substances in these formations. Wireline logging strategies required extended downtimes while the data collected was interpreted and the right strategies were formulated for drilling in these areas.

MWD Enters the Scene

In the early 1970s, MWD training technologies were developed that allowed drilling rig operators to view information on the sites they were exploring with only a brief delay. These technologies came into general use in the 1980s and offered added convenience and efficiency for companies that implemented these tools into their workflows. MWD also offered added flexibility for oil wells that had extreme angles, allowing these tools to be used in areas where wireline logging and other traditional measurement tools were not practical options. The development of MWD allowed for many of the advanced drilling techniques practiced today to extract shale oil and to drill in areas previously thought to be played out and depleted.

Today, MWD technologies offer near-real-time feedback for drill operators and can provide a wealth of information on density, fluid pressures and other factors that could have a significant impact on the productivity of your worksites. At MWD Supply, we offer expert MWD technical support and training for your staff as well as MWD rental services and sales for your company. We work with you at every step of the MWD training process to ensure that you can put these cutting-edge technologies to work for your company. Call us today at 281-664-0196 to request a quote. Our customer service experts will be happy to help you.

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