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Deteriorating and Inadequate Roads Present Issues for Permian Basin Residents and Oil Industry

October 16, 2018adminPermian Basin

Lack of infrastructure may be hampering growth and expansion in the Permian Basin. Traffic jams and backups on roads leading to and from oilfields have delayed production and continue to present difficulties for operations in this oil-rich area. Along with obtaining the right MWD technical support for drilling in the Permian, transportation issues are a key concern for oil companies in the area. Here are some of the most important factors affecting transportation in the Permian Basin.

Aging Infrastructure

Many of the roads leading to the Permian Basin date back at least five years or longer and were not designed to take on the increased traffic and the heavy loads associated with oil drilling equipment. Some of the roads leading to oil drilling operations in the Permian are barely more than a lane wide, which also complicates the traffic situation for drivers entering and exiting these areas. Long delays have been reported as trucks maneuver on and off these narrow roads to allow other vehicles to pass safely. Accidents have also increased, leading to concerns about safety and further worsening the traffic woes on roads leading to oilfields and extraction operations in the area.

Minimal State Funds for Permian Roads

Despite the added revenues that oil drilling operations in the Permian have provided for the state of Texas, most of the funding derived from these sources has been divided among the State Highway Fund, the state’s rainy-day fund, and the MWD KitsFoundation School Program. This puts the burden of repair and expansion of these roads squarely on the shoulders of property owners in the counties involved, which has led to increases in property taxes for residents in these areas. Individuals and families living in these areas are often the hardest hit by the increased taxes and the failing roads in the Permian Basin. With $250 million in road infrastructure funding allocated for 2019 and the $360 million promised for 2020 by the state of Texas, residents in these areas are holding out hope for a solution in the near future.

Not Enough Workers

Even when funds are available for repair and expansion of roads, it has been difficult to find workers willing to take on the hard work and low wages associated with these jobs. Oilfield employment typically pays much better than road building and repair, making it a challenge to find enough workers to take on these tasks in the Permian Basin.

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