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Increased Focus on Opportunities in the Powder River Basin

September 14, 2018adminPowder River Basin

The Powder River Basin (PRB) is attracting some well-earned attention from oil industry experts and drilling operators as an affordable alternative to the Permian Basin. The high return-on-investment figures cited by many of the major players in the oil industry have increased the appeal of the PRB for many smaller energy companies. Horizontal drilling is expected to play a role in many of the extraction efforts planned for the PRB. Making sure the right MWD technical support is in place can be a key element in ensuring profitability and productivity for your company.

What Is the Powder River Basin?

Located in northeast Wyoming and southeast Montana, the PRB stretches for about 24,000 square miles and is best known as a rich source of coal for the U.S. Although the PRB currently produces less than 200,000 barrels of oil each day, this geological formation is notable for providing a relatively affordable starting point for companies interested in entering the shale-oil drilling industry. With land prices at an estimated one-tenth of comparable properties in the Permian, the PRB is an attractive prospect for those interested in maximizing their return on investment in the energy business.MWD Kits

Expanding Current Infrastructure

Because the Powder River Basin has long been a leading source of coal, a significant portion of the infrastructure needed to process and transport oil is already in place in the area. This can be of vital importance to smaller companies that must depend on these services to attract the best employees. As more big oil companies decide to get their feet wet in the shale oil opportunities of the PRB, the infrastructure is likely to continue to expand to make this even more attractive for companies of all sizes.

Opportunities Nearly a Mile Deep

Geological experts estimate that the potential targets for drilling in the PRB may extend to a full mile deep. Since the PRB extends 200 miles from north to south and 120 miles east to west, this formation could provide added opportunities for smaller companies without the financial resources needed to acquire and extract oil from properties in the Permian Basin and other rich sources for shale oil in the U.S.

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