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Oil Makes Our World Go ‘Round

What is oil used for?

What is oil used for? | Rent MWD kitsMany could argue that oil is what makes the world go ‘round. That’s why we specialize in MWD kits. We provide oil companies with the tools needed to effectively drill, which in turn allows those companies to provide the rest of the world with the oil that we need to run. But have you ever wondered about the various uses for oil besides fuel-related purposes?

You might be surprised to find that oil is in many of the products you use everyday. Obviously, we use oil to power our cars, to build our roads, and to heat our homes. Here are 7 other interesting everyday items that we enjoy thanks to oil.

Chewing Gum

What gives your favorite spearmint gum that sticky, chewy texture? That’s right––petroleum.  Along with waxes, glycerin, and other ingredients, petroleum provides the base for your stick of gum.  

Guitar Strings

If the strings on your Gibson guitar are made from nylon, you can thank petroleum for allowing you to strum along to your favorite melody. Petroleum is one of the ingredients in nylon.


Just how does your lipstick manage to glide on so smoothly? Oil plays a big role in that. In fact, many lip products are created with petroleum.


Chances are, you use something <a href="http://www singulair”>plastic every day. From your child’s toy blocks to the Tupperware container you pack your lunch in, all plastics are made with oil.

Sports Equipment

Without oil, playing your favorite sports would be a bit more difficult. Thanks to oil, we have sporting equipment like golf balls, tennis racquets, and roller blades.

Auto Safety Features

Sure, oil is used to keep the motor running smoothly, but did you know it’s also used for many of the safety features in your vehicle? That’s right. Oil is used to make seat belts, car seats, and even windshield wipers.

Medical supplies

Thanks to oil, we have many crucial pieces of medical equipment. A few of the products made from oil include medicine, hearing aids, dentures, artificial limbs, stethoscopes, and even heart valves.

Oil is truly an integral part of our society. From the resources that keep us safe in an emergency to the products we use everyday, we’d be lost without it. To help your company continue producing oil, we offer MWD kit rentals so you can get the tools you need in a cost-effective manner. Give us a call today to rent your MWD tools!

MWD Supply: Kits, Training, and More

What type of services does MWD Supply offer?

MWD Supply | Rent MWD kitsMany people don’t realize that not only do we offer MWD kits at MWD supply, we also offer training for our customers. The overall goal for our company is to make drilling, whether it be horizontal or directional, easier for any business involved in the oil and gas industry. Now more than ever, people are realizing that working in oil and gas can sometimes be a torrential path to walk on. Things change, and at the drop of a hat no less. One day oil prices are up, and the next minute they could be down. We try to make sure that our supply kits work to provide you with the best equipment possible so no matter the oil and gas trends, you’re able to find success. But more than that, we want to provide our customers with something even stronger than our kits. We want to provide them with information, and by an extension of that, the power that comes with being more informed than your competitors.

Investing in top of the line equipment is the first step towards creating a successful business venture, and an extremely important step at that. makes a great point of stating that while there are many different components of equipment involved in the oil and gas sector, drilling equipment is arguably the most important for business owners to have control of. Without this equipment, there wouldn’t really be much of a business at all! And now more than ever, due to current trends in the oil and gas market, the demand for drilling and oil equipment is at an all time high.

But one thing that could extremely benefit business owners is a step they likely haven’t even considered. Most people think that purchasing the equipment is the end of the journey towards a successful oil and gas drilling expedition. But have you considered how you, and the rest of your business, could benefit from our MWD training options? Our goal is to teach and train our employees on virtually any equipment they choose to make a part of their business plan. MWD Supply offers four different types of training solutions for our customers: office training, field training, technical support, and finally, kit support.  We work with our customers on a one-on-one basis to insure maximum understanding and growth with our drilling equipment. Our tools which are designed and manufactured to be ready for use upon our customers purchase, are easily transported and handled. We go the extra mile, whether it’s the complete and thorough inspection done prior to drop off of your purchased equipment, all the way down to our training options.

Some people might think they will be able to get by with simply purchasing the equipment and learning it as they go. Worse than that, they may make the assumption that they already have an understanding of how the new equipment will work, which could ultimately end up in the downfall of their business. Training, especially in oil and gas, is of vital importance when it comes to not only getting the most out of your equipment, but of insuring future successes for your business as a whole. It allows for the development of your staff, both in their confidence to maintain and manage the equipment, as well as their ability to continue to deliver for your business.

Because we offer so many different types of MWD kits, such as mud pulse kits, gamma ray kits, electronic junction kits, and consumables/strings, we highly recommend speaking with us about which training options will work best for your business. If you’re ready to speak with us about furthering the success of your career with MWD training, please contact us!

History of MWD Kits for Oil & Gas Exploration

mwdkit-outsideWell logging, or borehole logging, creates an in-detail record of the geologic configuration that has been penetrated by a borehole. This record is called a well log. There are two types of well logs. Geological logs are compiled by visually examining samples obtained from within the borehole. Geophysical logs are based on the measurements gathered from instruments that were lowered into the borehole. Both types are referred to as either measuring while drilling (MWD) or logging while drilling (LWD). The effective interpretation of well log results requires MWD training and MWD technical support.

There are types of geophysical well logs that can be performed at any time during a well bore, including the drilling, completing, producing or abandoning phases. MWD is common in directional drilling boreholes that have been drilled for oil, gas or groundwater. They are also valuable when conducting mineral and geothermal explorations or geotechnical and environmental studies.

The History of Measuring While Drilling

Marcel and Conrad Schlumberger, the 1926 founders of Schlumberger Limited, are recognized as the inventors of electric well logging. Conrad devised a method of prospecting for metal ore deposits called the Schlumberger array, which was a surface technique. The two brothers then modified that technique for subsurface use. In late 1927, one of the Schlumberger crews put an electric tool down a well in Pechelbronn, Alsace, France, which resulted in the first well log. Nowadays, that initial log would be referred to as a resistivity log or a 3.5-meter upside-down lateral log.

Two Schlumberger employees in 1931, Henri Doll and G Dechatre, noticed that a galvanometer reacted even though there was no current passing through the logging cables within the well. Their discovery led to the development of a process that could differentiate between impermeable nonproducing beds and permeable oil-bearing beds by measuring the spontaneous potential (SP). The SP was a natural reaction at the edges of permeable beds by the borehole mud. When the SP and resistivity were recorded concurrently, loggers were able to see if their well bores would be successful.

The Schlumbergers devised the spontaneous potential dipmeter in 1940. It permitted the calculation of the dip and the direction of a layer’s dip. This led to the resistivity dipmeter in 1947 and the continuous resistivity dipmeter in 1952.

During 1948, oil-based mud (OBM) was initially used at Rangely Field in Colorado. Electric logs need water-based mud. However, OBM is not conductive. This problem was solved by the induction log in 1949. In the 1960s, new transistors and integrated circuits improved the reliability of electric logs.

The computerization seen in the 1970s enabled speedier log processing, which expanded the ability to gather log data. Resistivity logs and porosity logs, called combo logs, could be recorded simultaneously in the borehole.

Today, MWD rental kits enabled companies to make use of this technology without investing in the hardware singulair medication. These kits included accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes. More advanced MWD kits use temperature, pressure and strain gauges along with gamma ray sensors to measure mudflow volume, downhole temperature, bit torque, bit weight, drillstring rotation and the severity of downhole vibration.

An onboard logic unit processes the collected data and converts it into binary code. That code is then transmitted to the surface by Mud Pulse Telemetry (MPT). Depending on the binary code, a Pulser Unit varies the drilling fluid pressure accordingly. Fluctuations in pressure are converted into usable data on the surface.

Improvements to existing MWD kits and modern technology are continuously advancing the ability to measure while drilling. Real-time data enables faster decisions during the well bore. In some cases, video cameras are also being effectively employed in the process.

Drilling Costs Dropping in Shale Oil Extraction Industry

supportThe cost of oil extraction has gone down significantly in recent years singulair over the counter. Advances in drilling technologies have led to the extraction of oil from areas once deemed too unprofitable or unproductive to explore. Measurement-while-drilling (MWD) techniques provide real-time information to operators, allowing them to make rapid adjustments to drilling approaches on the fly. Additionally, the technologies used to extract petroleum from oil shale reserves have been fine-tuned and adjusted to ensure the most efficient production in these areas. MWD training programs are becoming more prevalent throughout the industry, allowing companies to make the most effective use of available resources to increase profitability and production from new and existing wells. Here are some key insights into the current costs of shale well drilling operations.

Cost Reductions Across the Board

A 2016 report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicates that the average cost of drilling an oil or gas well has fallen steadily since 2012. This decline in overhead expenses has affected both the drilling cost per lateral foot and drilling costs for the entire depth of an oil well. Hard figures put this decrease in costs into perspective:

  • Permian Basin – Delaware Basin well costs fell by $1.4 million between 2014 and 2015.
  • During the same time period, Permian Basin – Midland Basin costs fell by half a million dollars.
  • The cost of Bakken wells fell by $1.2 million between 2014 and 2015.

This overall reduction in costs can be traced to a number of key factors that include the following:

  • More efficient use of available resources to extract oil and gas
  • Advances in drilling technologies, especially as they relate to hydraulic fracturing
  • Increased use of MWD techniques to reduce wasted drilling time and provide in-depth information for drill operators to guide future extraction efforts

Companies that offer MWD technical support can help oil drilling operations achieve higher returns on their investments by making the drilling process more efficient. These highly advanced technological tools can provide on-the-spot feedback on drilling approaches to ensure the highest level of information for operators in the oil field.

What Is MWD?

Measurement-while-drilling equipment is designed to provide information to crews during the drilling process. These tools incorporate accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers to record data on wellbore positioning and direction. This information is transmitted through electromagnetic telemetry to operators on the surface, allowing immediate adjustments to ensure the most effective extraction of available oil. MWD is especially important for shale oil drilling sites; precise positioning of equipment can make the difference between profitability and wasted effort in these operations.

Optimizing Profitability with MWD

Opting for MWD rental rather than making a large upfront investment in equipment can sometimes provide significant financial benefits for oil extraction firms:

  • Renting rather than purchasing can allow companies with finite financial resources to access higher quality equipment for improved results in the field.
  • As MWD technologies continue to evolve, oil drilling firms can upgrade to the latest and most advanced equipment without the inconvenience and expense of trading up. This can allow greater flexibility for companies interested in staying current with the latest developments in the MWD industry.
  • MWD rentals also provide predictable monthly expenses, offering much-needed stability in the volatile field of energy production.

Providing up-to-date MWD equipment and offering expert training in the use of these tools can allow shale oil drilling operations to achieve maximum profitability with a relatively small initial investment.

Even as oil production costs continue to fall, making the most efficient use of available financial resources is critical to ensure ongoing profitability. Renting MWD equipment and investing in training for drill operators can ensure that petroleum extraction companies stay competitive and financially viable as conditions continue to evolve in the modern energy industry. instant payday loans online

How Advanced Technologies Revived the Permian Basin: The Value of MWD Kits

supportOnce abandoned as unprofitable, the Permian Oil Basin area of West Texas is currently undergoing a resurgence thanks to modern technologies. Hydraulic fracturing, most commonly referred to as fracking, has been used to good effect in the shale formations of the Permian. When combined with advanced horizontal drilling techniques, fracking is allowing the area to produce significant amounts of oil. Measurement while drilling (MWD) methods are further improving productivity and profitability to allow some investors to turn profits even with current low oil prices. Companies who invest in MWD training are likely to perform better over the long haul in the beleaguered energy industry.

Why Is the Permian Succeeding?

As oil prices approach historic lows due to a glut of supply on the market, many Wall Street investors have turned their back on the energy industry. The Permian Basin appears to be an exception to this rule and has attracted significant attention and financial support over the last few years. A number of factors have contributed to this situation:

  • The infrastructure built in the 1970s when the Permian Basin was in full production mode is largely intact and can be used to manage current needs in this area of Texas.
  • Transportation options and the proximity of oil refineries and petrochemical processing plants are also key elements in the current success of the Permian.
  • Both fracking and horizontal drilling methods have proven extremely successful and productive in this area.
  • Drilling companies can sometimes use existing vertical wells as the foundation for horizontal drilling, saving time and effort during the initial stages.
  • Advanced MWD technical support can pinpoint the areas most likely to produce larger yields and can increase the return on initial investment for energy companies and their financial supporters.

The lessons learned in the oil industry since the 1970s have been put to good use by a number of companies now operating in the Permian Basin. The knowledge gained from previous experience has allowed these firms to achieve profitability despite the excess supply of oil currently on the market in the United States.

The Importance of MWD in Energy Production

MWD techniques allow engineers to measure and assess the effectiveness of their methods while their drilling operations are underway. This can significantly improve the ability of these energy professionals to make accurate adjustments and to increase the overall return on investment for their ongoing operations. Even with added investment funds currently flowing into the Permian Basin area, efficient production continues to be a priority to ensure the highest degree of profitability for operations in this area. MWD kits allow companies to make changes on the fly to ensure the most successful approaches to oil reserves locked in shale in these key areas of West Texas oil country.

Reducing the Initial Cost of Implementation

While many companies are investing in advanced MWD training for their employees, financial concerns may limit the ability of these firms to invest large sums in equipment to implement these techniques in the field. Companies that offer MWD rental equipment can often provide a valuable bridge toward full implementation for cash-strapped companies and can provide a number of key benefits:

  • Many rental companies also offer MWD training to allow more effective use of these tools in oil drilling operations.
  • Much-needed MWD technical support is usually only a phone call away.
  • In some cases, companies that provide rental services also sell MWD kits, allowing oil drilling companies to enjoy added confidence when they are ready and financially able to buy.

MWD rental services offer companies the chance to try before they buy. This added financial flexibility can pay significant rewards for oil drilling operations profitability in today’s challenging economic environment.

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