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Oil Makes Our World Go ‘Round

What is oil used for?

What is oil used for? | Rent MWD kitsMany could argue that oil is what makes the world go ‘round. That’s why we specialize in MWD kits. We provide oil companies with the tools needed to effectively drill, which in turn allows those companies to provide the rest of the world with the oil that we need to run. But have you ever wondered about the various uses for oil besides fuel-related purposes?

You might be surprised to find that oil is in many of the products you use everyday. Obviously, we use oil to power our cars, to build our roads, and to heat our homes. Here are 7 other interesting everyday items that we enjoy thanks to oil.

Chewing Gum

What gives your favorite spearmint gum that sticky, chewy texture? That’s right––petroleum.  Along with waxes, glycerin, and other ingredients, petroleum provides the base for your stick of gum.  

Guitar Strings

If the strings on your Gibson guitar are made from nylon, you can thank petroleum for allowing you to strum along to your favorite melody. Petroleum is one of the ingredients in nylon.


Just how does your lipstick manage to glide on so smoothly? Oil plays a big role in that. In fact, many lip products are created with petroleum.


Chances are, you use something <a href="http://www singulair”>plastic every day. From your child’s toy blocks to the Tupperware container you pack your lunch in, all plastics are made with oil.

Sports Equipment

Without oil, playing your favorite sports would be a bit more difficult. Thanks to oil, we have sporting equipment like golf balls, tennis racquets, and roller blades.

Auto Safety Features

Sure, oil is used to keep the motor running smoothly, but did you know it’s also used for many of the safety features in your vehicle? That’s right. Oil is used to make seat belts, car seats, and even windshield wipers.

Medical supplies

Thanks to oil, we have many crucial pieces of medical equipment. A few of the products made from oil include medicine, hearing aids, dentures, artificial limbs, stethoscopes, and even heart valves.

Oil is truly an integral part of our society. From the resources that keep us safe in an emergency to the products we use everyday, we’d be lost without it. To help your company continue producing oil, we offer MWD kit rentals so you can get the tools you need in a cost-effective manner. Give us a call today to rent your MWD tools!

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