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How Advanced Technologies Revived the Permian Basin: The Value of MWD Kits

supportOnce abandoned as unprofitable, the Permian Oil Basin area of West Texas is currently undergoing a resurgence thanks to modern technologies. Hydraulic fracturing, most commonly referred to as fracking, has been used to good effect in the shale formations of the Permian. When combined with advanced horizontal drilling techniques, fracking is allowing the area to produce significant amounts of oil. Measurement while drilling (MWD) methods are further improving productivity and profitability to allow some investors to turn profits even with current low oil prices. Companies who invest in MWD training are likely to perform better over the long haul in the beleaguered energy industry.

Why Is the Permian Succeeding?

As oil prices approach historic lows due to a glut of supply on the market, many Wall Street investors have turned their back on the energy industry. The Permian Basin appears to be an exception to this rule and has attracted significant attention and financial support over the last few years. A number of factors have contributed to this situation:

  • The infrastructure built in the 1970s when the Permian Basin was in full production mode is largely intact and can be used to manage current needs in this area of Texas.
  • Transportation options and the proximity of oil refineries and petrochemical processing plants are also key elements in the current success of the Permian.
  • Both fracking and horizontal drilling methods have proven extremely successful and productive in this area.
  • Drilling companies can sometimes use existing vertical wells as the foundation for horizontal drilling, saving time and effort during the initial stages.
  • Advanced MWD technical support can pinpoint the areas most likely to produce larger yields and can increase the return on initial investment for energy companies and their financial supporters.

The lessons learned in the oil industry since the 1970s have been put to good use by a number of companies now operating in the Permian Basin. The knowledge gained from previous experience has allowed these firms to achieve profitability despite the excess supply of oil currently on the market in the United States.

The Importance of MWD in Energy Production

MWD techniques allow engineers to measure and assess the effectiveness of their methods while their drilling operations are underway. This can significantly improve the ability of these energy professionals to make accurate adjustments and to increase the overall return on investment for their ongoing operations. Even with added investment funds currently flowing into the Permian Basin area, efficient production continues to be a priority to ensure the highest degree of profitability for operations in this area. MWD kits allow companies to make changes on the fly to ensure the most successful approaches to oil reserves locked in shale in these key areas of West Texas oil country.

Reducing the Initial Cost of Implementation

While many companies are investing in advanced MWD training for their employees, financial concerns may limit the ability of these firms to invest large sums in equipment to implement these techniques in the field. Companies that offer MWD rental equipment can often provide a valuable bridge toward full implementation for cash-strapped companies and can provide a number of key benefits:

  • Many rental companies also offer MWD training to allow more effective use of these tools in oil drilling operations.
  • Much-needed MWD technical support is usually only a phone call away.
  • In some cases, companies that provide rental services also sell MWD kits, allowing oil drilling companies to enjoy added confidence when they are ready and financially able to buy.

MWD rental services offer companies the chance to try before they buy. This added financial flexibility can pay significant rewards for oil drilling operations profitability in today’s challenging economic environment.

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