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How Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) Works

mwd-drillingTo keep up with advancements in drilling technology, well logging has been forced to evolve and improve. Measurement-while-drilling, or MWD, is a natural consequence of this and represents the latest and best well logging technologies. This type of drilling is very complex, so MWD training is crucial for accurate data. Because MWD provides drill bit information, wellbore position information and directional data, it allows for greater precision, efficiency and control. With a solid understanding of MWD fundamentals, you can make a more educated choice while investing in or leasing this type of equipment.

Why is MWD Necessary?

Measurement while drilling was developed to address issues when drilling wells with angles that exceed 60 degrees. This makes it impossible for standard measurement tools to be pushed through the well in order to retrieve information, leaving engineers in the dark. Not surprisingly, this results in reduced efficiency and productivity. Instead of sending logging tools in after a drill, they have been incorporated into the design of the drill itself. As a result, they are there every step of the way, relaying crucial information to engineers and operators on the surface.

How it Works

With this type of logging while drilling, measurement and logging tools are enclosed within a single module that is located in the steering tool of the drill string, which is located at the end of the drilling apparatus. Real-time drilling information, directional data, drill bit and wellbore position information are all acquired via accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes. In this way, operators and engineers are constantly apprised of the borehole inclination and azimuth while drilling occurs, allowing them to make decisions along the way. In this way, MWD helps to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity while drilling.

The information that is gathered during the MWD process is sent as pulses through the mud column and through electromagnetic telemetry. On the surface, it is decoded immediately. It can also be transmitted to remote locations right away. With clear, concise information constantly streaming to them, engineers can more accurately position wells based on the geological features of reservoirs. In some cases, MWD kits also include video cameras, which further enhance engineers’ ability to make accurate, informed decisions singulair for allergies. At any rate, the data that is collected with various instruments provides incredible insight into the geological features and other variables of the area being drilled.

Benefits of Measurement While Drilling

MWD provides a wealth of information to engineers. For instance, it keeps them apprised of the condition of drill bits. In this way, it is possible to know when a drill bit is wearing down and potentially about to fail. The data provided by MWD also helps to determine the overall value of a reservoir and its contents, saving valuable time. For example, drilling can be abandoned more quickly if it is determined that a reservoir does not have the expected payload. On the other hand, it also confirms when a reservoir is a worthwhile option, ensuring that engineers focus their efforts in that area.

To make the most of measurement while drilling technology, MWD training is a must. MWD Supply provides high-quality MWD kits for sale. We also offer MWD rentals, so you can try out the technology before investing in it. As an added bonus, we provide MWD technical support and training. Think of us as your one-stop MWD shop. Whether you and your team have little or no experience with measurement-while-drilling technology or if you would just like to make the most of the latest technological advancements, we have you covered. The right MWD kits can make a huge difference in your operation, but proper training is essential too. We provide all of that and more, so contact us today at 281-664-0196. HEX Casino en Ligne

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